5 Content Creation Hacks for Product Creators

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level, so that you’re creating effective content faster, easier and better than ever before? Then check out these writing hacks for creating better and more profitable content…

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If you want to become a better writer, than start doing a lot of reading. Yes, you can read content in your niche. But stepping outside your niche to read both fiction and nonfiction – including sales letters – will help you become a better writer.

Reading a lot helps you develop your own writing voice, learn how to engage readers, and keep them hanging on your every word right through to the end.

TIP: Why read fiction? Because bestselling novelists are masters at storytelling and evoking emotion in their readers. And if you’re trying to persuade prospects, telling compelling stories and evoking emotion are good skills to acquire!

RESOURCES: Check out the Writer’s Digest for information on fictional writing. You can even pick up some paid ebooks on the subject. I did this years ago.

Study Your Craft & Apply It

Some people think writers are born that way. But the truth is, you can LEARN to become a better writer.

And since you’re an online marketer, one of the best writing skills you can develop is your ability to create compelling sales copy. That’s why you’ll want to study copywriting as much as possible.

Just remember, practice makes perfect! Apply what you learn.

Here are some copywriting resources that I have found:

  1. Copywriting Advantage by Karon Thackson – https://www.marketingwords.com/copywriting-advantage/
  2. Copy Hackers – you’ll find some free videos here. Many years ago I bought her ebooks on Appsumo and they rocked. Joanne is great at creating casual copy for websites that sound natural and subtle.
  3. Yanik Silver – I took one of his copywriting workshops around 2011. He teaches copy from a more traditional point of view; but this will also help you understand the raw psychology behind it.

And if you are just looking for some resources on content marketing in general, I highly encourage you to try out Digital Marketer.

Start a Swipe File

Whenever you see a good article, ad or other writing, save it to a swipe file. For physical products, you can either clip the item and save it to a folder, or take a picture and save it to your phone. For digital content, you can copy and paste to save it, download it, or take a screenshot.

I personally use Google Slides and just paste a screenshot onto a single slide. One example is when I see a FB ad I like.

TIP: You can also try EverNote as an option for saving and syncing your research.

So what sort of items should you swipe to use for inspiration? Anything and everything that captures your attention or causes you to take action, including:

  • Headlines
  • Titles
  • Sales letter openers
  • Email subject lines
  • Guarantees
  • Postscripts
  • Benefit statements
  • Articles
  • Graphics
  • Graphical or text ads
  • Social media blurbs
  • Case studies
  • Stories
  • Calls to actions

Of course these are just examples of, but you can clip whatever you want. And organise it accordingly.


If you want to write faster, easier and better content, then start following the tips above. These are the same tips that some of the world’s best and most prolific writers utilize, so they’re sure to help you become a better writer too!

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